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This guide will help you to find information about services and resources available at the University of Vigo Library

(Update September 2023)

Welcome to your Library! We invite you to meet us!

In this guide you will find out everything you need to Know to get started with the Library. If something is not clear, do not hesitate to ask for help at the information desks or contact us by e-mail or phone. We will be pleased to help and support  you!.
To start getting to know us, watch this video:
  Vídeo: "Xornadas de benvida. A Biblioteca". 1:24 min. UVigoTV
Locations and Opening hours
You have  11 libraries locations across the three campuses. Find the one more suitable for you. Locate your library in the Library directory on our website or on Google Maps (click in the link):
Campus Libraries Vigo Bibliotecas UVigo en Google Maps
Torrecedeira Library  Biblioteca de Torrecedeira en Google Maps
Campus Ourense Main Library Biblioteca Central Campus de Ourense en Google Maps
Campus Libraries Pontevedra   Bibliotecas Campus Pontevedra en Google Maps

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 21.00 (Main Libraries and Torrecedeira Library) and from 8.30 to 20.45 (other libraries)
Closed afternoons in August
Click in the link to ge information about special opening hours at exam periods

How to apply for the library card

The University Smart Card (TUI) is your identification as a student and is
valid in all UVigo libraries; its the library card.
You´ll need it if you want to use any of the services offered at the library
(book lending, interlibrary loan, request group work
rooms or computers...).

Follow the link in order to get more information about 
the University card (TUI) and about how to obtain it.

Once obtained, with the UVigo App you will have the TUI in your phone.
The Perseo search engine
Perseo is the university library’s main search engine.

We will use Perseo to search most of the library's collections from a single search box. The library's collections include all physical items such as books, audiovisual material and theses, as well as most online materials such as journal articles and database content to which the library subscribes and a selection of open access resources.

Link: https://perseo.uvigo.gal/

In the following videos you can see how to authenticate on Perseo and how to perform a simple search and an advanced search:
How to authenticate on Perseo:
Vídeo: "Advantages of logging in to Perseo ". Duration: 2:18 min. (Biblioteca Universitaria de Vigo)

The basic search in Perseo:

Video: "Perseo's basic search". Duration: 2:17 min. (Biblioteca Universitaria de Vigo)

The advanced search in Perseo:

Video: "Perseo's advanced search". Duration 3:59 min. (Biblioteca Universitaria de Vigo)

You can find further information on Perseo in the Perseo Guide
How to borrow, reserve & renew books from the library
The table below identifies how many books or other items you can borrow depending on your borrower type.
Students can borrow up to five items at the same time from any of the libraries of the University of Vigo. Perseo renews the loan automatically according to the conditions of each user and as long as there is no reservation on the work. You will receive an e-mail notification when the loan period is about to end.                                                

You can reserve a work at the lending desk of any of the libraries or by calling or sending an email.                       
If you are autenticated in Perseo, the "Library card" section lets you see the status of your reserved documents, and allows you to cancel a reservation. When the reserved documents become available, you’ll receive an email alert to collect them, and a green bell icon will appear next to “Requests”.


Intercampus loan

You can request available materials in a library from all the campus at the University of Vigo. You only have to ask for this service at the check-out desk, but you can also apply for the items by phone or via e-mail.
If the items you have borrowed are located in your campus, you are expected to retrieve them yourself.

You can find further information on Perseo in the Perseo Guide
How to connect to the WI-FI
   All libraries are WIFI zone. Just connect using your University of Vigo e-mail address and your password                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

If your home institution is affiliated to Eduroam Project you can connect to the Eduroam wireless service at University of Vigo. Your login credentials and settings will be the same you have in your home institution.
The configuration of Eurodam needs to be done before the students leave their home institution.
Click in the link to view the guide "Conéctate nos campus"
Libraries Directory
  • Central Vigo
    986 813 825 | prescen@uvigo.es
  • Central Ourense
    988 387 192 | presour@uvigo.es
  • Central Pontevedra
    986 802 002 | presbcp@uvigo.es
  • Economy & Business (Vigo)
  • 986 812 408 | preseco@uvigo.es
  • Experimental Sciences (Vigo)
    986 812 659 | prescie@uvigo.es
  • Industrial & Mining Engineering (Vigo)
  • 986 812 208 | presind@uvigo.es
  • Legal Sciences & Work Relations (Vigo)
    986 812 682 | presxur@uvigo.es
  • Philology & Translation (Vigo)
    986 812 296 | presfft@uvigo.es
  • Telecommunication Engineering (Vigo
    986 812 105 | prestel@uvigo.es
  • Torrecedeira (Vigo)
    986 813 739 | prestor@uvigo.es
  • Fine Arts (Pontevedra)
    986 801 836 | presbel@uvigo.es
Academic training
If you need orientation or training in the use of the library and its resources, look up our library's instruction program.
Other services
Reference Services
986 813 843 | referencia@uvigo.es

Interlibrary Loan
986 813 844 | sod@uvigo.es